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Wow, today really got away from me.  I woke up early this morning, spent a little time with my family, and then WOOSH!! Today just happened.  It’s on days like today that I have to consciously ask myself, “where was your time with God today?”

And it’s a great question to ask.  I’d like to say that my time with God was spent talking to a guy I met for the first time today.  He came to talk about selling me something (as salesmen do), but the conversation quickly turned skyward.  This man grew up in a Catholic church and has since drifted far from what a “good Catholic” would consider a “good Catholic”.  He asked me a ton of questions about faith, our church, what I believe, why we do or don’t do certain things…it was awesome to see that his interest was still peaked on things of God.  I answered his questions as best I could, I was real and honest, and at the end of our meeting I think we had both made a connection.  Me being a new customer, and him being even more interested in exploring his faith.  I invited him to our Saturday Night service at church, and he said he would try to make it out this week.  On the outside I smiled, but on the inside I was jumping up and down.  It’s exciting.  As joyful and “God-driven” as that moment may have seemed, it still doesn’t qualify as “time with God”.

I sometimes listen to music while I work.  Working in the Music Wing has its perks, one being that I can blare worship tunes and nobody seems to care.  We all love music back here.  We sometimes even break out into song (although it’s mostly cheesy and overdone) and sometimes I practice my guitar.  It’s pretty cool, for a music nerd.  No matter how much I sing or listen to worship music as I work, it still doesn’t qualify as my “time with God”.

So what does qualify?  What is “time with God” really?  I’m sure everyone has their own definition.  To me, its a specific time that a person will set aside to really connect with God.  Prayer and singing are great ways to connect with Him, but sometimes it’s good to just shuttup and listen.  Sit in a quiet and still place and just….listen.  Let Him speak to you.  I think God really desires to hear from us on a daily basis, but if we’re not listening more than we’re speaking, then we’re missing out on the absolute best relationship we could ever have.  You want wisdom?  You want your life to be better?  Listen to God everyday.  Challenge yourself to keep your mouth shut and your mind clear once in a while.  Everything else will fall into place when we give Him the attention He deserves.